Smoke Bomb Engagement Photos with George and Lissette | Kitchener

July 23, 2019

George and Lissette’s Outdoor Engagement Photos!

I have no words for this beautiful engagement session, and that’s OK, because I have plenty of photos to show you. Hot and humid is how you can describe the weather, with an unexpected chance of a severe thunderstorm rolling in. The first day, we got hit by torrential rain, and we had to come back the next day. This was not a big deal, as coming back fresh, G+L were ready to have some fun together.  I have known George for a long time, and he never seemed shy in front of a camera (plenty of practice with our travelling friends). It was great to see them both enjoying the moment, which made for some naturally candid photos. Onward to the wedding, I can’t wait to capture it!

I personally love these photos because they are super unique. The green colored smoke bombs create a fog-like effect. This made it seem like we are in a mountain region with setting fog and slight eerie vibe. I hope you enjoy this outdoor session, and if you are interested in creating some memories, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

This is the year that I have decided to do what I love most. My personal favorite activities are spending time with family, photographing genuinely happy people, and finally, getting out on my bicycle. Get out there and do your favorite things, and capture these fleeting moments 🙂

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My fiance and I recently did a photoshoot session with David and he was so gifted at his craft. Leading up to the shoot, David replied within 15 minutes of sending emails, was informative and so nice. The shoot itself was really fun, and full of laughs. David truly brought the best out of us who had never done a shoot before. The quality of Todor Wedding Co. is on another level from the photographers, to the planning, and especially to the photos. We have booked our wedding with Todor Wedding Co. and are so excited to do it all over again for the big day!

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