Preserving the Future to Remember the Past

March 5, 2018

I recall as a child, my parents always kept albums and boxes filled with photos. They didn’t have to be pretty, they didn’t have to be organized, but regardless, I would find myself looking through the images fairly often. We used to have an old-school film camera, nothing special and we would also buy single-use cameras when we traveled. It didn’t really matter where we were or what was happening, we always took photos of everything and everyone. My parents were definitely not photographers, but looking back, they did a great job of documenting life.

Remembering the Past

Perhaps some of the coolest photos that I saw were the black and white images of my parents around the time they got married. It was awesome to see them young, get married and then my baby photos. It’s the same way with Lavi’s life… I can definitely see how our kids look identical to us (especially our little one… she is Lavi’s clone). Genes are one helluva thing haha!

Needless to say, the albums were very different back then. You would have to slide the images  into a translucent pocket and hope they don’t fall out after you close the covers. It was a great way to quickly access the prints, remove them from the album, hold them in your hand, analyze the details, appreciate it and put it back. Things were different back then, yet the same. If we didn’t have an album, we would keep all the loose prints in shoe boxes. It didn’t matter where we stored them, it just mattered that we had them.

I can talk about the silly photos we had for hours, from our young age, coming to Canada, having fun as kids, getting my first car, to married with kids. Its surreal to look back, and sometimes a little cringey haha 🙂

Preserving the Future

It has become a habit to constantly take and share photos. We don’t always use our expensive cameras to capture moments, even-tho we use our cellphones most of the time. Sometimes I take photos and upload them to the computer without giving them a second thought. A select few would stand out to me, but I forget about them. When I go back to look at the images, suddenly, they become more special, more images stand out and I remember that memory much better. The future will become the past, so take the time to preserve it while you can; you don’t need a professional photographer for all occasions, just yourself.

Telling Your Story

The way I see it, people always talk about the ‘good ol’ times,’ and if there is an event worth capturing professionally (like you wedding duh!!), it’s important to have options to high quality products. There are many different ways to relive moments, and everyone values different things. Some people love to incorporate these moments into their home design; canvases and fine art prints. Big photos on the walls that start a conversation, or smaller photos in sequence that tell a short story. Others love to have albums or loose prints that compliment the decor in a more subtle way, easily stored if required and just as easy to access again. Do you like holding images in your hand, or do you like flipping pages? It all depends how you want to tell your story. This is your life.

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