Fine Art and Loose Print Boxes

February 11, 2018

Being a wedding photographer, I am obsessed with constantly pushing the boundaries of art and experience. For 2018, I am offering a brand new line of albums, fine art prints, and loose print boxes that are unmatched in quality. This might sound cliche, but I am a huge believer in preserving memories in a tangible way. I have learned from my personal experiences that the past must be preserved. As a child, I constantly looked through my parent’s photo boxes and albums, and it was amazing to see my family history documented as time passed. As a parent, I now find myself continuing the tradition with my family, and constantly looking back in time at the memories I have created.

Fine Art Prints

These aren’t your regular photo prints from Walmart and it’s hard to describe the quality because my words won’t do justice. The paper stock is heavy, and the finish is lightly textured matte. The print feels durable and robust, and the quality of the print is flawless. When I hold the print, I get the feeling of watching a paper mill churning the pulp and processing it flat; I can almost smell the wet bark from the trees. With prints available from 10×8 to 60×40, your imagination is the only limitation to what can be achieved.

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Loose Print Boxes

The first time I held this print box, the first word that expressed my emotion was ‘whoa!’ The sample box I received held 100 images, but the stack of prints felt thick in my hand. The box is hand-made in New Zealand and has a magnetic latch on the side to keep it closed and a ribbon inside to help lift out the loose prints. The print quality is flawless and the images are matte finished (Lustre Silver Halide). There are many different box color finishes available, and boxes can hold up to 300 prints each, with two different sizes:4 x 6 and 5 x 7.5. Once you experience it, you can’t live without it.

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