Fresh Lifestyle October 16, 2019 Sunset Engagement Photos with Alex and Nicole | Kitchener

Sunset Engagement Photos with Alex and Nicole! With the fall season starting, we decided to head out for the Slit Barn for some fun and creative sunset engagement photos. First of all, I love the outfits that Nicole and Alex picked. Furthermore, you can tell from the photos, they were super excited. I think we

Fresh Lifestyle September 9, 2019 Slit Barn Creative Photos with Jess and Dan | Kitchener

Slit Barn Creative Photos with Jess and Dan! Always seeking creativity is part of a photographer’s job, so when Jess & Dan decided to take up a creative photo session, the conversation basically went like this: “Want to do something fun, because I have no idea what it will look like.” And the reply was

Fresh Lifestyle July 30, 2019 Summer Engagement Photos with Amanda and Nick | Kitchener

Amanda & Nick’s Summer Engagement Photos! Presenting Amanda and Nick’s summer engagement photos from last weekend! As the sun fell below the treeline, the last golden hour of light cast some rays through the red smoke grenade. Just in time for this exciting engagement session, Nick got some new ink on his forearm, and it

Lifestyle July 28, 2019 Modern Engagement Photos with Adriana and Mike | Kitchener

Mike & Adriana’s Modern Engagement Photos! Yes yes!! These modern engagement photos with Mike and Adriana were incredibly fun, and these couldn’t be more stylish. For these photos, Adriana choose a white smoke bomb that complimented their attire, and created a fog-like effect. Due to this, the photos have a very intimate feeling, and a

Fresh Lifestyle July 23, 2019 Smoke Bomb Engagement Photos with George and Lissette | Kitchener

George and Lissette’s Outdoor Engagement Photos! I have no words for this beautiful engagement session, and that’s OK, because I have plenty of photos to show you. Hot and humid is how you can describe the weather, with an unexpected chance of a severe thunderstorm rolling in. The first day, we got hit by torrential