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For Brides April 30, 2017 Engagement Photography

What I enjoy most about photographing engagements and weddings is meeting new people; we are all so different, yet we can be so in love. I like to take a natural approach to engagements with a focus on capturing intimate moments that truly expresses who you are. Getting to know each other! The most important aspect of

For Brides January 15, 2017 Bridal Fashion by Emma Paige

Once upon a time, I was looking to create some beautiful styled wedding sessions, and finding an amazing gown shop can be hard work. I was recommended to reach out to Paige, a custom dress designer in Toronto, for some help — and since then, Paige and I have been working together very closely on

For Brides November 17, 2016 The First Look

Many brides are considering the idea of adding a first look on their wedding day, rather then the traditional first look that happens when a bride walks down the isle. There is no right or wrong way of doing things on your wedding day and your preference is a personal decision. So, what is a

For Brides October 22, 2016 Photographing Wedding Day Bridal Details!

Your wedding day is coming up and you put in an enormous amount of work to make sure every little detail is just perfect! There are many items that carry a sentimental, symbolic or design value, and one of my favorite things is to capture these details for you! Oh, the details! I place a

For Brides October 7, 2016 Is a Secondary Photographer Necessary?

Hey there! One of the top questions I always receive from inquiring clients revolves around adding a second photographer (commonly referred to as ‘second shooter’) to their wedding packages. So many people have heard great things about incorporating a second photographer, and I just wanted to outline the top three benefits for getting the most