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For Brides July 11, 2018 [Stationery] Alicia’s Infinity

I remember the first time I saw Alicia’s custom stationary suite (invitations, RVSP card, table cards etc), and I thought, “WOW, this looks and feels amazing!” After chatting with Alicia about her designs, she informed me that all illustrations are hand-painted with watercolor, and a copy of the original artwork for all custom designs is

Featured For Brides March 5, 2018 Preserving the Future to Remember the Past

I recall as a child, my parents always kept albums and boxes filled with photos. They didn’t have to be pretty, they didn’t have to be organized, but regardless, I would find myself looking through the images fairly often. We used to have an old-school film camera, nothing special and we would also buy single-use

Announcement Featured For Brides February 11, 2018 Fine Art and Loose Print Boxes

Being a wedding photographer, I am obsessed with constantly pushing the boundaries of art and experience. For 2018, I am offering a brand new line of albums, fine art prints, and loose print boxes that are unmatched in quality. This might sound cliche, but I am a huge believer in preserving memories in a tangible way.

For Brides December 2, 2017 [Makeup] Faces by Nadeen

Finding a great makeup artist for your wedding is super important, and I had the opportunity of working with Nadeen several times — and let me tell you… she is AMAZING! Not only is she incredibly passionate about what she does, but her style is natural and beautiful. I recently had the pleasure of talking to

For Brides July 5, 2017 [Chalkboard] Creations by Korga

It’s the little details that add up to make a wedding beautiful, and I always like to keep an eye out for all the special elements that brides like to incorporate to make their wedding POP! One of my favorite hot trends in the wedding industry is chalkboard art; creating a sign for the seating

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